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Newcomer Games
Use these activities to teach and reinforce basic classroom communications with newcomer students.
Game 1           Introduce Self
Game 2           Basic Requests
Game 3           Classroom Items
Game 4           School People and Places
Game 5           Commands and Imperatives
Game 6           Adjectives
Game 7           Place and Position
Game 8           More Commands and Instruction
Game 9           Action Words
Game 10         Numbers
Game 11         Likes and Dislikes
Game 12         Pronouns His & Her
Game 13         Articles of Clothing
Game 14         Address & Phone Number
Game 15         Question Words
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Photo Credits - Game 1
(girl greeting teacher) The McGraw-Hill Companies/Ken Cavanagh
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Photo Credits - Game 2
(classroom) The McGraw-Hill Companies/Ken Cavanagh
(backpack) Siede Preis/Getty Images
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(paper) Comstock/PunchStock
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(dictionary) Burke/Triolo/Brand X Pictures/Jupiter Images
Photo Credits - Game 4
(school entrance) Royalty-Free/CORBIS
(teacher) Comstock/PictureQuest
(librarian) Comstock/PictureQuest
(gym teacher) Digital Vision/Getty Images
(school nurse) Blend Images/PunchStock
(teachers) Dave & Les Jacobs/Blend Images/CORBIS
Photo Credits - Game 5
(teacher giving command) Photodisc/Getty Images
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(children lined up) Image DJ/Alamy
(boy extending hand) TongRo Image Stock/Alamy
(girl holding pencil) Image Source/PunchStock
(girl listening) TongRo Image Stock/Jupiter Images
Photo Credits - Game 6
(hat) Comstock/Alamy
(confused boy) Creatas/PunchStock
(fruit) Image Source/PunchStock
(angry girl) Comstock/PunchStock
(sleepy boy) Creatas/PunchStock
(sad girl) Stockbyte/PunchStock
Photo Credits - Game 8
(teacher at chalkboard) Pixland/PunchStock
(boy listening) SW Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
(boy repeating after teacher) Image 100/PunchStock
(boy raising hand) Royalty-Free/CORBIS
(girl reading) Image100/CORBIS
(children in computer lab) BananaStock/PunchStock
(children and teacher) Creatas/PunchStock
Photo Credits - Game 9
(bathtub) Image100/Jupiter Images
(girl on bicycle) Image Source/PunchStock
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(bed) Royalty-Free/CORBIS
(computer) Stockbyte/Getty Images
(playground) Dean Muz/AGE Fotostock
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Photo Credits - Game 10
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(four balloons) (l) Photodisc/Getty Images, (r) Ingram Publishing/Alamy
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Photo Credits - Game 11
(happy and sad faces) Comstock Images/Alamy
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(spaghetti) Ingram Publishing/Alamy
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(milk) John A. Rizzo/Getty Images
Photo Credits - Game 12
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(girl holding book) Image Source/Getty Images
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Photo Credits - Game 14
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(boy writing) BananaStock/ImageState
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(girl on telephone) BananaStock/PunchStock
(woman on telephone) Royalty-Free/CORBIS
(two boys) BananaStock/PunchStock